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Mitchell Paul Clark is a featured entrepreneur both in Australia and by GE, he is also the founder of
I grew up in Australia and was taught by the school system to keep my head down, focus on school, and pursue the traditional path of college then into a corporate job. However, I did not feel that was the path I wanted. When I turned ten years old, I started my first small business "Clarky IT" which was a website development and marketing company, I worked with other local small businesses in helping them develop their website and marketing. 

By the age of 16, I had grown it to 250 clients across Australia. As the company continued to grow I did too, I changed the name to CIT Dynamics and assembled a team of 12 people to help with operations. The year I turned 18 I had grown my local small business into one that now had clients buying my services worldwide, a team of 12, featured on GE, and more importantly the freedom to drop out of high school and move to the United States to focus on my company. 

The year I moved to the United States I started working with local small businesses by helping them with marketing, but as I did this, I kept seeing the same thing. They were outsourcing marketing, not doing it at all or wasting money by not doing it correctly. By outsourcing that is one of worse things a small business could do because 99% of the companies I would see doing marketing for small businesses had no idea of the product/service, they were selling and just "half-assed" the marketing. Pure madness. So, I thought about what the best way to teach small businesses how to market themselves by getting a staff member to do it or the owner. 

I developed a six-week program which could take someone who has never used facebook before to a master in facebook ads. I gave it to a few small businesses to use, and the results were unreal. You can see them reviews by clicking the free case study link below this text.

The Small Business Uplevel program is not a get "rich quick program," it is my lifes work, it will allow you to get more clients by using the power of social media marketing.

This course will change not only your business but your life if you let it. If you would like to learn more, click the free case study below
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Nothing makes me happier than seeing other people change themselves and change their lives for the better. People aren't just “the way they are”. They're built one piece at a time, and you can build yourself into whoever you want to be.

Our client success is our success.

If you would like to learn more, click the free case study below
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