Meet Mitchell Paul Clark
Meet Mitchell Paul Clark
Featured Entrepreneur & Consultant

Mitchell Paul Clark is a featured entrepreneur both in Australia and by GE, he is also the founder of & CIT Dynamics. 
Hi, I'm Mitchell Paul Clark, and I'd like to share my story with you. 

I grew up in Australia; I was taught to keep my head down at school and pursue the traditional white collar path of college then climb the corporate ladder to end up as what people define "successful." 

I never found that to be something I wanted to do, I aspired to run my own business, be my own boss and have power over my own life. That was my view of success. When I was ten years old, I started a company called "Clarky IT" a website design business, and there, is really where my career in business began. Over the next two years, I went on to develop over 250 websites for small businesses across the globe. News of my startup success started to grow; people started to take notice of how this "kid" started a company out of nowhere and now had over 250 clients worldwide.  

When I turned sixteen I started to ramp things up; I changed the name to "CIT Dynamics" and now had a team working with me. I spent the entire year of 2015 learning business, thousands and thousands of hours on research on how to make any business successful, mindset, online marketing, strategy, even how the brain worked when trying to sell something to someone — learning form the best of the best. Three hundred sixty-five days of that year was spent on research and development; I was relentless on finding a roadmap to making any business successful.

I developed that roadmap, and it has worked everytime since. 

In 2016 I started to implement that roadmap to small businesses and in less than a year had grown to a point where I could not expand the operations anymore. I dropped out of school, moved to America, and there is where things started to grow. GE, News Australia, ABC, Marketing Mag. All interviewed me; they wanted to know how I had an achieved all this success; it was because of the road-map I had. 

When I moved to America my business was simple; I took control of small businesses social media, website, and image and helped them grow. Nothing crazy, there are a lot of companies out there that do that, but things were different, I had the road-map that I was teaching each small business owner. 

In 2018 I had my first business epiphany. Business owners know their business better than any digital marketer or tech guy. Businesses are wasting so much money on marketing, a simple 1-hour task a week people are paying some marketing companies up to 4k a month...what!!... So I went to the drawing board and thought about how I can solve this problem. I found the solution; I developed a six-week online course that teaches business owners how they can grow by using in-house marketing and strategy. This course has literally my entire lives work in it. When I had developed it I went and tested it with the market... little did I know how good the results would actually be.   

The first business I tested it on grew from 40 clients a month to 160 a month in less than 42 days! They were able to pay off their business loans, buy two new cars, really what they deserved. Unreal results. I encourage you after reading this to sign up for the free case study so you can see the testimonial video. 

We teach "the new way" to get customers, which is by using proven in-house marketing, put $2 into marketing get $4 out. It's like a vending machine for more money. "The old way" of getting clients is tedious, expensive and unpredictable. 

If you are reading this you are already motivated; now you have to turn that into action. I want to show you how I can help you grow, click the free case study video to see how my program will work for you.  

The Business Marketing Revolution is here. 
Looking To The Future?
Nothing makes me happier than seeing other people change themselves and change their lives for the better. People aren't just “the way they are”. They're built one piece at a time, and you can build yourself into whoever you want to be.

My client success is my success.

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